Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm New

So I've decided to start Blogging!!!!

Both of my sister n' laws: Amanda and Bird, have been blogging for sometime now. Though most of you would find this hard to believe I am a little nervous because I'm not sure if I have enough to say for blogging. However, I think this is a better forum to update my family and friends on the latest and greatest of Madison & Mommy


  1. Oh nice. Get it going. Good times. Be careful it gets addicting.

  2. YEAH for you!! I cant wait to see and hear everything thats going on. Not like we don't talk enough to know. LOL.

    Love you!!

  3. Well get to it sister! We need updates! Your sisters-in-law love it and you will too!

  4. Hey babe, way to go! Where's your updates? I need to know what's going on. Love ya, Mom