Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's not the 'Ove Glove' nor a tribute to Michael Jackson

No Thumb Zone

Madison has been sucking her left thumb for sometime now. In an attempt to stop her thumb sucking habit, we started telling her that sucking her thumb was gross and that "Big Girls" don't suck their thumbs. FYI Being a "Big Girl" is a big deal for those of you who have yet to experience the joys of potty training. This worked for about two weeks or so, constantly reminding her not to suck her thumb. There are several methods out there to stop thumb sucking, like using hot sauce or bitter tasting nail polish. For me the thought of Madison potentially rubbing hot sauce in her eyes or sucking on lacquer all day just didn't sit right. I did a little research and found a method of wrapping or covering the thumb. If your a new Mom like me, don't try a band aide or gauze and medical tape. it just doesn't stay put on the hand of a two year old. Madison was entertained for about 10 seconds "Hmm... how do I remove this giant sticker on my thumb". Now there is no need to get all fancy with a thumb contraption like below a good old pink winter mitten modeled by Madison above works just fine.
Though Madison can easily pull the glove off her hand or suck away on her right thumb, she has yet to do so. Two weeks with the glove on all day seems to have broken the habit.

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