Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jenny's 40th Bday

On Saturday June 26th 2010 We had a busy day! First we participated in the Relay For Life, then it was home for lunch and Madison's nap, and then out the door to my cousin's 40th Luau Birthday party. It was great to visit with family and celebrate Jenny's Bday. Madison made a new friend, Sage, and they chased one another around the party squealing like crazy. At one point, a large sprinkler that normally is attached to a garden hose, was a neat toy to share. They each wanted to hold it and would take turns sharing with one another. FYI, though Madison can make a toy out of almost anything, no need to think twice that a garden sprinkler would be a good gift for her. All and all it was a great day. Happy Bday Jenny!

Jenny, Mom, Madison

Madison & Me

Madison & Sage playing

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